Harry Pregerson Child Care Center

The Harry Pregerson Child Care Center is located within the Roybal Federal building in downtown Los Angeles. This center is a General Services Administration (GSA) licensed center which gives enrollment priority to federal families. The center also serves families that live and work around the downtown Los Angeles area. The center's curriculum is emergent, incorporating elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM.)


Hours & Schedule

Tours available by appointment only please call (213) 894-1556

Regular Operation Hours are Mon - Fri: 6:45 am - 6:00 pm

Our centers are open year round excluding weekends and major holidays.

All programs are full-day. 

  • Full-time schedule is 5-day attendance; Mon. - Fri. 

  • Part-time schedule is available for 4-days, 3-days (Mon., Wed. & Fri.) or 2-days (Tue. & Thu.)

Babies in Playroom

Family-Teacher partnerships are key to support positive learning experiences.  Open communication and family events happen throughout the year to foster those relationships

We are a National Association for the Education of Young Children Accredited Center for over 10 years! Our program offers high-quality learning environments that follow the 10 Standards of NAEYC
(NAEYC ID#275820)

The center's curriculum is play based and emergent, incorporating elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM)

Enrollment priority for federal employes and scholarship opportunities

Located in the Civic Center area in DTLA; easy accessible for the working family

Agency available Program Services Director who works with the center directors, teachers, and families to support children’s social, emotional, and developmental needs in the classroom

The curriculum is Anti-bias and developmentally appropriate. Potty learning is encouraged when the child shows interest and signs of readiness, it is not required in any classroom


Infant & Toddler Program

Responsive Care and Support

The infant and toddler program follows the primary caregiver model, creating a secure and caring environment for the child. The focus of the infant program is to observe and support the development of essential milestones and provide a safe and secure environment that encourages positive and healthy growth.

Infant Room

  • Infant room is for children 6 weeks old to steady walkers

  • 4:1 Teacher/Child ratio

  • Capacity of 8 children

Toddler 1 Room

  • Toddler room is for steady walkers up to children 24 months old

  • Toddlers: 4:1 Teacher/Child ratio

  • Capacity of 12 children

Toddler 2 Room

  • Children ages 2 to 3 years old

  • 6:1 Teacher/Child ratio

  • Capacity of 14 Children

California Community Care Licensing Division LIC 198008723


Preschool Program

Emergent Curriculum Based Learning

The focus in the preschool classrooms is developing social skills, positive peer interactions, building a positive self-identity and beginning self-help skills. Teachers create lesson plans according to the children's interests, creating provocations and incorporating STEAM activities to spark the children's curiosity and support the children in developing the foundations of learning in a meaningful way.

Preschool Room

  • Children ages 3 to 5 years old

  • 10:1 Teacher/ Child ratio 

  • Capacity of 20 Children

California Community Care Licensing Division LIC 198008722


Tuition Rates

July 2021 - June 2022

​Federal employee verification will be required to qualify for the Federal rate.

Payment arrangements are available for tuition payments.

There are no tuition credits or adjustments for illness, holidays, vacations or circumstances beyond our control.

Monthly Tuition Rates

Enrollment Fee: $185.00

Facility Fee: $200.00

Enrollment Priority:

  • Federal Employees

  • Families enrolled part-time

  • Families with enrolled siblings

  • All other community families

Wait List

Wait List Fee:  $125.00

  • The wait list fee is non-refundable

  • One fee is required per child and per center

  • You will remain on the wait list until your child ages out of all our programs