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Our Story

In May of 1990, a group of Mt. Washington families came together to share their vision of creating a childcare center for the community. The founding group developed policies and philosophy, researched possible sites and created by-laws. The group filed incorporation papers and became the Mt. Washington Preschool and Child Care Center, Inc. in 1991, and a non-profit in 1992.

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About Us: About Us

Today, MWPCCC provides a multi-racial, multi-cultural environment, which encourages a variety of experiences appropriate to the children’s diverse backgrounds. The program is nonsexist in that children can participate in a variety of experiences, which do not limit their interests and competencies on the basis of gender. Special-needs children are welcome as long as the environment of the programs is judged to be beneficial to the optimum development of such children.

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Mission Statement

MWPCCC will provide quality and affordable early learning and care in centers serving working families of all incomes.

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