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COVID-19 Operation Plan

As we navigate this pandemic, MWPCCC has guidelines in place to ensure the safety and well-being of the children in our care, families, and staff. 

The changes that are necessary during this COVID-19 outbreak are drastically different than what we know as high-quality care.  We are committed to our philosophy of developmentally appropriate education and will adhere to all recommendations to maintain the safest environment possible.  We will continue to provide warm and responsive interactions that create a nurturing and stable environment which enables the development of secure attachments between children and their caregivers—both those within and beyond their families. As this situation evolves, we will adapt our procedures may change. We appreciate your support of our policies during these unprecedented times.

We will continue to follow the updated information from the Los Angeles Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines.

Below are some of the operational changes you will see in our centers. 

Drop-off & Pick-up Procedure

  • All children above the age of 24 months and all visitors are required to wear masks upon arrival and while inside the center.

  • Upon entering the center, all individuals are expected to self-certify that they are not experiencing any symptoms of illness, nor have been within close contact of a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.

  • The morning health check will take place at the classroom door before your child/ren enter the classroom. A teacher will greet the children at the door, ask for a health update, and take the temperatures for both the child and adult dropping off. Temperature checks for the afternoon pick-up will not be required.

  • One (1) adult per family should be dropping of at the door, if the health check area is in use, a family must wait and keep appropriate distance until the area is clear. Please allow the teacher enough time to complete the health check and transition the previous child into the classroom before walking up to the door. Remember to allocate enough time for drop-off/pick-up in case you need to wait until the health check area is clear.

  • All classes have designated zones for drop-off/pick-up. A teacher will receive a child or bring the child to the door at the end of the day. Only staff assigned to the room will be allowed in the classrooms at this time.

  • If you are picking up while your child is in the playground, please do not enter the yard. A teacher will bring your child to you.

Visitor Policy

  • Restricted visitation includes parents/caregivers, family members, and volunteers.

  • No visitors are allowed in the center at any time except for 1 (one) parent or caregiver per family at drop-off or pick-up. 

  • Our open-door policy is inactive until further notice. Please refrain from visiting the center during the day unless it is an emergency. All maintenance, administration and other routine center visitors must go through the health screening process every time they enter the center.

  • Nursing mothers may visit the center. Please communicate your projected nursing times at the health check table. When you arrive to nurse your child, we ask that you pick-up your child at the classroom door and nurse in the designated nursing area.

Illness Policy

  • All centers will adhere to the Illness Policy distributed in May 2020. In addition, The Addendum for Illness Policy Modifications during COVID-19 Outbreak/Pandemic has been updated to reflect the current CDC guidelines and is still in effect until further notice.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • We will be continuing with our cleaning and sanitizing practices as established at the beginning of the pandemic.  Teachers follow these new protocols in all classes.

Snack & Lunch

  • Discontinue buffet-style food options and offer pre-packaged foods when possible.

  • Home lunch will need to be provided until further notice. We will let you know when we resume catering.

Physical Distancing & Hygene

  • Develop activities that model and reinforce good hygiene and physical distancing practices.

  • As per our NAEYC guidelines, we wash hands upon arrival, after touching our noses and mouths, before and after eating, after using the bathroom, and after coming inside. We will continue with washing hands often.  

Classroom & Outdoor Environment

  • Group sizes will be determined in each classroom based on square footage and the ability to provide adequate spacing for children.

  • Staff and children may choose to go without a mask while outdoors. Physical distancing will be monitored and activities that encourage physical distancing will be provided for the children.

  • The only shared space is our outdoor areas.  All classes have scheduled outdoor times with a 10-minute interval between groups to complete sanitation of shared surfaces. Classes will never be on the yard at the same time.

  • Children will not change from one group to another.  Unfortunately, this means we cannot use our typical transition schedule between classrooms. Children will go straight to their new room when they are ready to move up or age out of a class. An intake will be scheduled via zoom or phone to help prepare your family for the transition to the new classroom.

  • At naptime, children will be spaced with as much distance between mats as possible or will be placed head to toe when distancing is limited.  Bedding will be sent home daily for washing.  Please ensure to bring clean bedding for your child each day.

  • The classrooms will be arranged to allow for at least 3 feet between children.  For children over the age of 24 months, children will wear their masks during indoor open exploration time.

COVID-19 Operation Plan: Information Pack
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